Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is a set of processes by which all the data in the enterprise is managed from source to storage, to end-use and end of life cycle.

EDM is a systematic approach to automating and improving the collection, use and storage of data in the enterprise. EDM leverages existing investments in Data Warehouses including data stores and marts, business analytics, data integration technologies and dashboards to make business decisions faster, more precise, more consistent and more dynamic for the Enterprise.

EDM is normally implemented to address business strategies and practical implementation realities for achieving enterprise-wide control over data content.  It addresses the underlying business challenges associated with making the transition from a silo-based (vertical) to enterprise-wide (horizontal) operating structures.

ACG's Enterprise Data Management (EDM) consulting practice is dedicated to address the data management and control needs of our customers. 

Our consulting services address the whole lifecycle of Enterprise Data Management Solutions, including:

  • Data Architecture – Optimizing database availability and usage based on an understanding of business information needs, logical and physical data modeling, and other activities
  • Data Governance – Maintaining principles, policies, procedures and standards for the effective use of data
  • Data Integration – Using ETL/ELT processes to create a consistent, relevant, and trusted view of data across business units and subject areas
  • Data Quality – Assessing whether current data assets are fit for their intended use
  • Data Security and Privacy – Ensuring regulatory compliance across data subject areas, including monitoring and audit capabilities
  • Data Stewardship – Orchestrating the day-to-day activities of creating, using and retiring data
  • Master Data Management – Creating consistency in reference and relationship data regarding product, customer, supplier and organizational issues
  • Metadata Management – Organizing the people, processes, and technical components needed to ensure that metadata is easily accessible, consistent, current, accurate, and complete
  • Unstructured Data Integration – Extracting meaning from text using various linguistic techniques, adding structure and blending it with numerical data for analysis

We are a global consulting practice, ready to serve the needs of Fortune 550 companies and emerging companies alike.  We are committed to providing world-class services to our clients, delivering value in each project we complete.